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Snow Blossoms
January 6, 2010

I took this just after a fresh snowfall, when there were no footprints in the drive, and nothing had started to melt.  Isn’t it beautiful?

My Canon Speedlite 430EXII arrived a few days ago, and I adore it.  I could not have taken this photo or the others in the set without it.


Ice Cold
January 5, 2010

It was so cold this morning that the condensation on the inside of the bedroom windows froze.  Aren’t the patterns pretty? Thankfully, Joe’s parents have secondary glazing, but it was still too cold to want to get out of bed.

Brake Shoes
January 4, 2010

Marmite, my poor little car, has been out of use since Saturday.  Fitting the new brake shoes hasn’t been as simple as Joe thought, and the exhaust isn’t even started yet.  She goes in for her MOT retest on Wednesday: I hope she’ll be able to drive there and drive out again!

This was supposed to be a technical photo to illustrate the problem we have where the drum doesn’t fit properly on the backplate.  However, I love the colours in it: it’s had very little editing and I’m quite pleased with it.

Perfect Evening
December 28, 2009

I am spending this evening (Sunday) in front of a roaring log fire, watching Top Gear, and drinking Joe’s mum’s homemade sloe gin.  This is good.

Fiat Badge
December 27, 2009

I drive a 2001 Fiat Seicento Schumacher in Broom Yellow.  She’s called Marmite, and she currently needs a new exhaust, new brake shoes, a new battery, and a new head gasket.  Joe is fixing her at some point in the next few weeks, during which time I will have to drive his horrible Vauxhall Astra (I’m sure there will be a blog post about this!).  Despite the long list of things that need fixing, I’ll remain loyal to Fiat for the rest of my life: there is absolutely nothing like the rush of caning it down the Fosse Way (under the speed limit, of course) in a small, nippy, agile car.  And yellow.  Yellow ones go faster!

One Candle
December 21, 2009

We held the first of David’s two birthday parties this evening.  I made little cakes with the word “one” written on in different languages and colours, instead of a big cake.  He had a lovely time, loved all his presents, and passed out in the car on the way home!

My Addiction
December 19, 2009

I wrote a post over at Barefoot in the Kitchen the other day about my addiction to Diet Coke.  This is one of the shots I took to accompany it.

Christmas Self-Portrait
December 15, 2009

Took this on Sunday afternoon at Mum and Dad’s house.  We’re not having a Christmas tree this year, due to a kitten and a toddler: one or the other will try to climb it, and destroy it in the process.  I’ve been taking photos of everyone else’s trees to compensate, and I’m very pleased with how this self-portrait worked out.  (Any self-portrait that obscures my face is good!)

Big Red Bus
December 14, 2009

Took this on the journey between Leamington and Ashford (along the M40 somewhere, I think).  It’s very rare that my little Seicento gets up the speed to overtake something without overheating, but Joe managed to coax it into overtaking a bus!  Then we had to turn the heater and fan right up to get the heat off the engine, but it was worth it for this shot.  (Don’t you just LOVE Italian cars?)

River Thames at Night
December 13, 2009

A long-exposure shot of the River Thames, taken without a tripod (go me!) when we went down to London yesterday.  The photography conditions were absolutely perfect all day, and this is by far my favourite picture.