Night Waking
January 1, 2010

Last New Year, we were awake until 4am with a screaming week-old baby.  Last night, we were woken up by a teething, grumpy one-year-old.  Some things never change…

Friends of Joe’s have a little week-old baby girl, who shares David’s birthday.  We’re thinking of them tonight.


My Boys
December 8, 2009

Taken at our favourite soft play centre in Banbury.  I’m not sure what I’ve done to deserve two such photogenic boys, but aren’t they wonderful?

Portrait of a Father
December 5, 2009

I took this photo of Joe while he was feeding David back in September, using a Canon 50mm fixed length lens, and came across it when I was looking for another picture in Aperture today.  I love the way the colours work together in this picture, the way that Joe looks down at David…  My boys are truly, truly awesome, and for that I am thankful.