Snow Blossoms
January 6, 2010

I took this just after a fresh snowfall, when there were no footprints in the drive, and nothing had started to melt.  Isn’t it beautiful?

My Canon Speedlite 430EXII arrived a few days ago, and I adore it.  I could not have taken this photo or the others in the set without it.


January 2, 2010

Shamelessly lifted from the same set as the New Year post at Barefoot in the Kitchen.

We went for a walk in the freezing cold in Stratford today, and I’m pleased with the results.  The cloud patterns were beautiful and I love taking photos of reflections.

Merry Christmas!
December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas, everybody!

My paternal grandmother, Nanny, brought this glass goose back from a trip to Canada about ten years ago.  He’s hung on the tree every year since.

Christmas Self-Portrait
December 15, 2009

Took this on Sunday afternoon at Mum and Dad’s house.  We’re not having a Christmas tree this year, due to a kitten and a toddler: one or the other will try to climb it, and destroy it in the process.  I’ve been taking photos of everyone else’s trees to compensate, and I’m very pleased with how this self-portrait worked out.  (Any self-portrait that obscures my face is good!)

Bus Stop, Stratford upon Avon
December 11, 2009

I took my camera and tripod to Stratford yesterday evening to shoot some Christmas lights.  Didn’t get many pictures, due to the cold and grumpy boys I had to drag with me, but here’s my absolute favourite.  (Guess who moaned about the cold more!)

Monochrome Baubles
December 6, 2009

I love Christmas.  More specifically, I love Advent.  I love the anticipation, the build-up to Christmas.  This isn’t our tree, because we haven’t kitten-proofed sufficiently to buy it yet, but I can’t wait to get it and decorate it and then take hundreds upon hundreds of photos of it.  That’s the best part.